Dairbek Duishobaev Sadyrbekovich - Chief Executive Officer


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The FWLC Alumni Association exists to help our alumni foster connections, to inspire generosity, and to advance the Osh State University.

In 1957, the first 36 students were graduates of our faculty and got the qualification: “Teacher of English language”. Thousands of our alumni became professional teachers of not only English language but also German and French Languages. And we are proud to inform that most of our graduates work and develop the educational system of Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

We have the association of our graduates to keep in touch, to exchange experience, to support and inspire each other.

The FWLC Alumni Association strives to advance the Osh State University on many levels. The work of the Alumni Association is predicated on the deep passion and enthusiasm alumni and friends have for the University and developing partnerships with the University community and external constituents. Where there is love and passion, there is impact.

We are looking for Association’s Board of Directors, that will be composed of true philanthropists who’ve given their time, talent, and treasure to our faculty. They will be elected every three years and serve maximum three-year terms. The Board meetings will be held twice a year to provide strategic direction and governance. If you are the one who wants to join or if you know an appropriate candidate, please feel free to contact us.

We believe that together we can create a better future.